"All for One Health"

EUPHA – EFAD featured webinar:

“Sustainable and nutritious diets for healthier populations”

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Thank you!!!!


Thank you all! A Good day!


Thank you!


What is the position of EUPHA on tax over SSB?


What is the most important dietary change people should do right now in favour of environment and public health?


How to convince the population to switch to a healthy and sustainable diet?


How we can participate in the slow food association?


Giuseppe you mention the impact of industry in complicating the area around promoting healthier diets. Could you please comment on the number of European dietetic associations that have paid sponsorship/partnership deals with industry and how he sees this impacts on 1) the health of citizens themselves and 2) how citizens perceive the integrity of dietetic associations and their dietitian members who are effectively offering health support which looks like it is sponsored by the food industry?


Why did you connect to today’s webinar?


Are you familiar with the One Health approach?


Good morning and thanks for tuning in to today’s webinar!
Post the questions you have for the speakers, here. We will make sure most of them will be answered at the Q&A session, in the end. Please upvote the questions you agree with, in order to avoid repetition.
Certificates of attendance will be sent to attendees who complete the survey they will receive, in the days following the end of the webinar.


The countdown has started! Refresh the page if you don’t see the live session


Why are you interested in this program?


Where did you find out about the webinar?

Riikka T Niskanen

M.Sc., University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine

Riikka Niskanen is a food scientist, majored in human nutrition. She has worked in the PROMISS RCT since 2018. Currently, she is working on a doctoral dissertation on conducting a nutrition intervention among community-dwelling older people. She has an additional interest in the interaction between social relations, culture, and mental wellbeing. Former barista; passion for coffee and handicrafts.

Ilse Reinders

PhD, Department of Agricultural Economics, Ghent University

Ilse Reinders is a nutritional scientist at the Department of Health Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her research interests are nutritional and other lifestyle determinants of healthy ageing, with main areas protein-energy malnutrition, body composition and physical activity.

Christine Yung Hung


PhD, Department of Agricultural Economics, Ghent University

Dr. Christine Yung Hung is a senior lecturer and researcher at Ghent University in Belgium. She is a trained nutritionist and food scientist currently works at the research unit Agro-food Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. Her areas of expertise include behavioural science, communication and marketing strategies, data-driven machine learning, food product innovation, experimental economics and public health nutrition policies. Her research work contributes to solving food and diet challenges from seeds to needs, aiming to improve public health, environmental sustainability and consumer well-being. With ample experience in European projects, she is currently a work package leader for three EU Horizon 2020 projects ‘PROMISS’, ‘SEAFOODTOMORROW’ and ‘ProFuture’, and an EFSA funded project ‘RASCS’.